Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jolie's Lemon Squares

So, I was planning out lemon squares, right? I'd found a recipe that was "eh" and clicked over to The Awl for some contrast when !!! there was Jolie's Lemon Square recipe!

I'd recommend that you go read it now. I'll wait. (Hold music.)

Oh! Are you back? Ok, so here's the recipe that I quartered (holy shit, you get to see my math!) and put on a granite countertop. (See, that will make sense if you've read the article.)

Here is what I shorthanded as "butt chunks" on the Laura Palmer page.

I only included this photo so I could type "butt chunks". Twice.

(Why Laura Palmer? It's because of my show that I've been talking about ad nauseum Not some strange, misplaced PNW pride that I don' t have .)

Parenthetical promotion aside, isn't the batter all lovely yellow and sunshiney?

It makes delicious lemon squares after it's been baked for approx 25 minutes.

No, I'm not going to read a Barbara Kingsolver novel while I eat these. Just because I live in a generic part of the left coast now doesn't mean that I'm neutered. Sheesh!

(baking notes: recipe was quartered, made in the Middle of Nowhere, WA instead of NYC)

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