Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peanut Butter Cookies

You know those peanut butter cookies that your surrogate grandma would give you if, like, I don't know, you accidentally rammed your bike into some barbed wire because the brakes were faulty? And, like, you were cut up enough to need to get stitches but, for some reason, you never went to the doctor? Yeah, this peanut butter cookie recipe is so good that it will almost make you forget that you're bleeding into your shirt sleeve.

You know, hypothetically.

You may notice the lack of forking on these dough balls.

That is because it is not required! So put down your utensil, stampy! Or maybe use it to eat some pasta or something. Just DON'T FORK THE COOKIES!

See, they came out just fine. (I can still see you holding your fork, nonbeliever.)

What's that? You would like some mood music with your cookies? No, I won't link to "Hatari!" again (but I will include another elephant in the photo). And I'm also not linking to that MC Chris song. What do you take me for? There is no jelly associated with this peanut butter.

No, you will do the Peanut Butter Stomp and like it. Ok, fine, here's the "Hatari!" song again.

(baking notes: recipe was quartered, I ate enough of the batter so that there were two less cookies than there should have been.)


  1. how are you supposed to know they're peanut butter cookies if they're not forked?

  2. you either ask the person who made them or bite into them and realize what you've just eaten. ;D