Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Blackberry Pie

Yes, I'm still pie eyed (wah-wah). I'm also too impressed by this blackberry pie recipe to be sarcastic.

*So* not kidding. This pie's kung fu is strong.

If you've clicked through on the pie link, why, yes, the recipe does look as if it's missing several steps and ingredients. But don't let that stop you from trying it. I think it's going to become my "go to" berry pie recipe because without having to reduce fruit to a jam state, berries like this

can be turned into a pie in approximately an hour.

No kidding.

See, the fruit reduction happens inside of the pie dough. Fruit, flour and sugar are tossed together and then placed inside of an unbaked crust. Butter is then placed on top of the mixture before a pastry top seals everything inside.


Be careful to seal the tops though as leakage can occur.

I actually said "No f--king way!" when I cut into the pie. It was a lot juicier than I thought it would be. A lot tastier too!

Some vanilla ice cream would make this pie like whoa. You could also eat it like a boss. (Yes, yes, Mya and Lonely Island in the same paragraph. So what?)

(baking note: Kick ass recipe was quartered.)

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