Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Petite Sweet Potato Pie

I think that I must be watching "Waitress" too much or watching Leff play "PB Winterbottom" too frequently because I'm on a serious pie kick these days.

But you don't care about my media consumption. On with the baking, right?

Here is a lovely recipe for sweet potato pie. Sadly, I was unable to acquire a sweet potato and instead had to substitute a yam in its place. Quel dommage.

That technicality aside, I was able to quarter the recipe with no trouble. Well, no trouble until I saw the batter. Looks like the stuff that Chunk took into the movie theater doesn't it?

It tastes great though. Just goes to prove that you can't judge some yak by its cover. Or something.

After 30 oven minutes (as opposed to 30 sitcom minutes), you'll have a nice substitute for pumpkin pie. This could come in handy if there's another pumpkin shortage.

And now I'm imagining Linus sitting in a yam patch on Halloween. Which, in turn, is making me question the sincerity of yam patches. I think I'm going back to sleep. Or maybe see where Leff left off with "P.B"....

(baking note: I used the same pie crust recipe as always. I think I might stop bothering with this footnote in the future.)

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