Friday, May 21, 2010

Joan Jett Sandwich Cookie

What do you do when you have some left over sugar cookie dough, black food dye and "Crimson and Clover" on repeat (over and over, ha!) in your kitchen? You make a Joan Jett cookie, naturally.

I decided to stencil this cookie instead of doing the template thing like with yesterday's Daria confections. (You may know that I've done a shit ton of stenciling with food in my time. If not, well, uh, now you're aware.)

So what's the process? Well, first you make a drawing. I always mark the areas that I'm going to be cutting out with an "x". I sometimes shade in the dark areas as well to see if the stencil will read well.

Since my dough is black, I need a "reverse" stencil. All that means is that I'll be cutting out the light areas instead of those in shade.

The next step is to cut out the shape of the cookie. (Use the stencil as a template) Don't worry about detail at this point. But do make sure you cut out two shapes. This is going to be a sandwich cookie.

Now cut out the light parts of the stencil on the paper. (Those parts that I marked with an "x".) This is going to be the guide for cutting dough. See? Here's before cutting:

And now after:

It's easier to do detailed cutting on your cookie sheet. Just trust me on that.

While both parts of the sandwich cookie are baking, it's a good time to make some icing. I whipped up a tiny amount of cream cheese frosting 'cause I like how it contrasts with black cookies.

Once the cookies have baked, they're fairly easy to move around. Still, be careful with the cookie part that has missing bits. It's kinda' fragile.

Place some of the cream cheese frosting on the bottom cookie and then carefully place Joan's face on top. Voila! It's a Joan Jett Sandwich Cookie!

I mean, it's not a cherry bomb or anything but it doesn't have a bad reputation either. Not that you should give a damn about that anyway.


  1. "..and then carefully place Joan's face on top."

    I'm sure that has been said before, in a totally non cookie-related way.

  2. probably so! although i'd like to not think of the non cookie ramifications.