Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mini Not Quite Bourbon Peach Pies

This is not bourbon.

Hear me out though. Scotch is whisky. Bourbon is also whiskey. Debates about taste, distillation locations and methods and spelling aside, scotch serves the same damn purpose as bourbon does, remarkable well I might add, especially in this recipe (which I, of course, quartered.)

Why no bourbon? Simple. No one at Casa Rakkaleff drinks bourbon. I mean, do you?

I made these "double crust" pies just to see if I could. Here's a shot of them after an eggwash and a sprinkling of sugar.

I like how they're "self contained" with that upper crust. You can just tell that these are pies with remarkably high self esteem (even though they might not have a justifiable reason for it).

Even droopy whipped cream can't diminish its self assurance.

(Baking notes: I quartered the filling recipe. I also used the same old pie crust recipe that I've been using all along. You're getting used to that by now, right?)

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