Friday, May 7, 2010

Tiny Icky Thin Mint Cake

Just like the chocolate pecan pie before it, this recipe should be avoided. I'm not sure if it was poorly written (a possibility) or if I'm just overly tired (a MAJOR thing to consider since I've been running on adrenaline and coffee for days now) but this cake was just crap.

Amazingly, I had some thin mints left over from yesterday. I thought about hiding them in the freezer but then I found "thin mint cake" while googling and I was all "F--k the freezer! These shits are going in the blender!"

(Ed note: many things are referred to as "these shits" at my casa. Matching socks, "Mad Men" box sets, your moms. Not many of them end up in the blender, however.)

I knew something was up when I took the cakes out of the oven. I mean, this looks like a rack full of Crabby Patties not something you'd want to eat.

Then there was the issue of icing. "Chocolate Cream"? What the f--k is that supposed to be anyway? (Don't say anything about Tay Zonday follow up songs. I'm too tired to consider that anything but annoying at this point.)

I ended up just making chocolate whipped cream. It was ok, I guess. But, see, I couldn't even make it look attractive. The cake resembles a badly deformed Muppet. And, honestly, who wants to eat Animal roadkill?

There's no "cross section" photo because the damn thing fell apart when I cut into it. Also, it wasn't even vaguely minty.

Am I finished bitching about this cake now? Yes. Am I going to drink some more coffee after I hit the "publish post" button? You bet your sweet bippy!

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