Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tiny Chocolate Pecan Pies

I wanted to start this post with a photo of some tiny pecan pies that I made for Thanksgiving 2009.

See, that's what happens when you have full sized pecans and use a recipe that you've made before. I'm telling you this because what follows is not pretty.

So, this recipe. Yeah, I'm not making it again.

I've made full sized chocolate pecan pies before by adding chocolate chips into the gunk. It works. It's delicious. I don't know why I thought I'd try a recipe that uses cocoa powder. Novelty, perhaps? A burning desire for a chalky, grainy texture? Whatever. I also f--ked this up because...

Pecan pie shouldn't be made with chopped pecans. I knew this and yet when all I could get from the store was the chopped variety I thought, "What the hell?"

When making pecan pie, do not follow this "What the hell?" impulse.

Also, do me a favor and don't let get me started on my "Pacific Northwest Pecan Rage".

Anyway, chopped pecans will make your mini pie look like a f--king chocolate donut.

Which, fine, if you're making chocolate donuts.

Just lookit this lukewarm mess. (It was hot but I cooled it on the rack before cutting.)

I'm just glad that no one out there said anything about corn syrup that is standard in pecan pies. 'Cause if you think that I'm angry when I get Pacific Northwest Pecan Rage, you should just see how pissed off I get at the Pecan Pie Corn Syrup Police. *cracking knuckles*


  1. It's pretty interesting how something can look really good, but not taste good. But these look like they taste good! What is the PacNorth pecan rage?? haha!

  2. looks are *so* deceiving in this case! (thanks for saying it's pretty though. ha!)

    pnw pecan rage is simple. in my experience, you can't f--king get whole pecans half the time. it's, like, you have to stock up on them during thanksgiving or have southern relatives send you a package full of them.

    it's just one of the many things that drives me apeshit about this region. ha!

    a preemptive p.s.--uptight seattleites who might be reading this comment, don't bombard me with you "seattle is number 8 in wheatgrass consumption" snotty stats. bitching about the pnw isn't a personal attack. kindly get over yourself.