Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thin Mints

One nice perk of being a Girl Scout camp counselor (which is a job title that I held for two summers) is that many times dessert at the mess hall consists of leftover GS cookies. Sadly, there were no remaindered Thin Mints in my time but I got used to Trefoil and almond butter "sandwiches" that I made myself.

Despite making my peace with Trefoils, Thin Mints are absolutely, hands down, my favorite GS Cookie. Yet I somehow always forget to order them when cookie season rolls around. This is not going to be a problem in the future as this recipe is brilliant! (I will, however, assuage my guilt by donating to the Girl Scouts. It would be cool if you could also do the same as they're a very worthwhile organization.)

Ok, let's get this out of the way. The recipe contains both cake mix and vegetable shortening. Do I need to reiterate that you don't have f--king special snowflake status with me and that, as such, I care little about your opinion regarding these inconsequential things? No? Good! You're learning!

The author of the recipe suggested using a spice cap lid to cut out the cookies.

*So* smart! Plus it makes a lovely pattern. (Repetition *is* one of the basics of design, after all.)

The cookies have to cool for a bit before they can be covered in minty chocolate.

Since I don't have an enrober, I had to do this by hand. A bowl and a fork make a pretty good substitute, if I say so myself.

After some chilling, the cookies are done. You have *no idea* how hard it was for me to not eat every single one of these.

Although Janice Mulrooney from Saskatoon probably does! (Sorry, sorry, super inside joke with me and a few other fellow counselors.)

(baking note: recipe was quartered, no Girl Scouts were harmed in the making of these cookies.)


  1. These were fantastic. Possibly my favorite thing so far.

  2. Pick up some more chocolate chips and I can finish coating the ones in the freezer.