Monday, May 3, 2010

Teeny Strawberry Pie

You know those strawberry pies from Shoney's? You don't? You should. They're delicious in that strangely comforting prefab (but slightly homemade) way that reminds me of visitation in rural Virginia when it was my dad's weekend to have us around.

The pies were the best part of that whole ordeal. Trust.

Anyway, this delicious recipe approximates the flavor of that pie. Minus the teen angst, of course.

To get started, you will need to blind bake some pie crusts.

The pie recipe calls for fresh strawberries. I used frozen. Seriously, it's ok to substitute. That's why berries are frozen in the first place, you know?

I layered approximately one strawberry in the bottom of each pie shell before pouring the strawberry goop (not pictured) on top.

A note about the goop: it's not vegetarian. It also tastes similar to the strawberry pie filling in the plastic bags that you find, inexplicably, in the fresh produce section.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

After about an hour of refrigeration, the tastiest diner style strawberry pie is yours for the eating.

Your little brother will probably want to share but, whatever. He's the one that ratted you out when you broke curfew, the little punk.

(baking note: recipe was quartered, same standard pie crust recipe was used)

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