Monday, April 19, 2010

The "Ground Rules" Post

I like sweets. I'm also turning 37 which is a nonage. (Obviously not in its original definition but in the fact that it gets you nothing. You get no perks (ability to legally drink at 21, car rentals at 25, etc). It's not even a new demographic bracket.)

Since I enjoy stunt blogging (example 1, 2) and, again, sweets, I thought I'd knock out a quick 37 day blog for the hell of it. It's a simple premise, really. 37 different sweets, one each day for every year that I've aged. "37 Confections", you get it. Right?

There are four things that I need to get out of the way:

1) I'll be making miniature versions of the treats. That means I'll probably be quartering (at least) any recipe that I use. I will not be showing my math because I don't have time to factor properly.

2) I will more than likely be sharing or giving away most of the things that I make. (Although I'll probably do a small taste test.)

3) I won't be offering vegan or gluten free versions of any recipes. Please don't ask. If you are a gluten free or vegan baker/cook you are probably very adept at recipe substitution and will not require my unskilled, bumbling assistance. Thanks, the Management.

4) This one is super important to me. In fact, I will b tag and capslock it to drive the point home: THERE WILL BE NO CUPCAKES. If you need to look at cupcakes, there are many nice blogs about them on some other part of the internet.

This is not one of those blogs.

Now that the ground rules are established, I think I'll go make something. After all, I only have until May 25 to finish everything. See you in a bit!


  1. No cupcakes is a fine idea, but may I suggest Lamingtons ( instead? For inspiration, look here:

  2. Lamingtons sound fantastic! I might be able to squeeze one in! Thanks for the suggestion!