Monday, May 10, 2010

Mini Fried Pies

Before I get started with the proper mini fried pie entry, I want to thank Leff who served as an "assistant" with these pies. My arthritis flared big time and my hand was all "Hey, I'm a claw!". (Yes, I have arthritis. You wanna' make a deal about how I lost in the genetic crap shoot? 'Cause I can still bitch slap you with my arthritic claw, you know.)

So, yeah. Fried pies. I was realizing how there's a dearth of these things in the PNW. I mean, you can get Hostess's Hostess.

I noticed that my favorite pie crust recipe also lists how to make fried pie dough. (Scroll a bit on that link.) So I thought, "Screw this lack of flavor! I'll make my own damn pies!"

And, yea verily it came to pass. In three and a half flavors! Cherry (filling left over from the tiny cherry pies), chocolate, cherry chocolate (more about that in a minute) and peach!

Here you can see a peach pie being constructed. (It's the half flavor.)

And this is how you achieve cherry chocolate duality.

That's cherry pie filling and chocolate pudding in case you have a hard time inferring things from visuals.

After the filling has been placed in the center of the dough, fold in half to make a pocket then fork the f--k out of that sucker before shallow frying.

Yes, I shallow fried the pies. I'm sure that there's a joke about superficiality in there somewhere but my hand is hurting too much for me to care.

Here's a cross section of a chocolate fried pie. Cute, huh?

It doesn't cure joint pain, however. Time for more med.

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