Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tiny Custard Tarts

I don't have a little story to serve as a lede for Tiny Custard Tarts so I'm just gonna' jump right in.

In order to make custard tarts, you will need to prepare a pie crust in advance. I like this recipe which does, in fact, use vegetable shortening.

What's that? You have a problem with using vegetable shortening? Yeah, I don't need to hear about it in comments. Thanks for offering, however. (*eyeroll*)

Where were we? Oh, yes. Pie dough. I made enough for one regular sized pie and was able to have enough left over for tomorrow's confection. The trick is, of course, to cut out shapes that are small enough to fit into a muffin tin.

But let's take a look at the custard part of this tart! Here is a blurry photo of what a quartered amount of the recipe looks like before baking.

It *is* pretty runny. Don't freak out though as it does set up during baking. (baking time: approx 12 min)

I made these a little tarter by adding more lemon juice. (I like acid. It goes with my acerbic tongue.)

Leff enjoyed these a great deal in part because we're both "As Time Goes By" fans.

Tomorrow I'll use up the rest of pie dough and make something else out of lemons. No, not lemonade, you freakin' Baldknobber.

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