Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Crack Pie

Momofuku's crack pie. Chotda made it and, as such, made me crave it. So now I've miniaturized it.

The thing about this pie is that you have to bake two different things. That's right, you have to make cookies and pie. Oh my god, stop whining. I warned you in advance.

It's not important what shape the cookies are in once they come out of the oven because they exist only to be crumbled into crust. Personally, I think that these cookies look a bit like Pangaea breaking up. Look! I can see Australia making a run for it!

After a bit of grinding in the blender with some butter and sugar added, a lovely crumb is produced. I smooshed this into my muffin tin to make tiny crusts.

An important note: Don't blind bake the crust! Just leave it all "raw" while you're mixing up the custardy goop.

Here's a shot of said goop in the crusts prebaking. I filled the cups almost the entire way. I'd suggest that you do the same.

22 minutes of baking et voilĂ ! Pies full of cracky goodness!

I'll be honest, this pie makes me feel like Dirty Dee from "Pootie Tang". I'm all "Hey, kid! *motioning to crack pie* You want some candy?" And the kid's all "What kind of candy is it?" and I'm all "The kind of candy you smoke in a pipe!"

Yeah hehehehe, it's that good. Cappatown my ASS!

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