Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strawberry Short Cake

I don't even remember where I got this recipe so, apologies for not giving you credit/a link if it's yours. All that I know about this particular version of strawberry cake is that I love the type of Post It on which the recipe is written

and that it's not vegetarian.

Yes, the secret ingredient is strawberry gelatin. So, veggies of all stripes, DO NOT MAKE THIS CAKE. Or maybe substitute more strawberry purée in the gelatin's place.

Besides being the most strawberry tasting cake that I have ever tasted (Yay for artificial flavoring!) it is also the loveliest shade of pink. (Yay for artificial coloring!)

Again, shut up with your artificial objections before you start. I'm *so* not caring if you're "offended" by coloring/flavoring that you are not consuming, preachy.

Oh, right, here's where I mention that I quartered the recipe at the top of this post. I also used up the remainder of the cream cheese icing from the carrot cake.

I mean, seriously, how can you hate on color like that? (If you contact me to tell me how you can hate on color like that I will disregard your opinion accordingly, you uptight, joyless nannypants.)

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