Saturday, April 24, 2010

Small Chocolate Pies

I don't have one compiled recipe for small chocolate pies. My aforementioned surrogate grandmother used to make regular sized versions of these and I recreated them as best as I could. You can thank me later.

The main thing you'll need is some chocolate pudding. I made the entire batch not because I needed that much pudding but because I wanted some pudding. I mean, can you blame me?

Obviously, it's not required that you make pudding from scratch. Go ahead, make Bill Cosby happy. (I'll have Cosby prints (screened with pudding) for sale at Bluebottle on June 8th at my show, btw.)

The other things you'll need are pie crusts (once again, I used this recipe and, once again, kindly keep your opinions regarding vegetable shortening to yourself.) and meringue.

The pies are assembled in the same way as the Petite Lemon Meringue versions were. They're also baked for the same amount of time.

Think of them as custardy cousins. Not quite like Patty Duke but close.

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