Sunday, April 25, 2010

Black Cat (Kitten?) Pie

This is Peel.

She does not like black cat pies.

I, however, do.

I'm sure you've gathered that black cat pie is not made from cats. If not, what are you, 12?

Texture wise, it's actually rather like a chess pie. Which, god, people, is not made from chess pieces.

Normally, black cat pie is topped with whipped cream but I was feeling a bit literal as far as the "cat" part was concerned so I cracked out a cookie cutter.

Here's an eggwashed cat crust piece on top of the filling.

Yes, the recipe has been quartered. (And, of course, I used the same pie crust recipe as usual.)

No, I didn't add walnuts. I haven't had time to get around to the whole grocery shopping thing this week.

After baking for an hour, this delicious, golden brown pie is ready to be eaten.

Seriously, serve it warm with a glass of milk.

Insert your own cat joke here.

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