Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peanut Butter Cakelette

Despite the fact that I have been, for all intents and purposes, living on peanut butter this year, I have not gotten tired of the stuff. In fact, the thought of peanut butter cake made me so happy that I got this song from "Hatari!" stuck in my head.

But you're here for the cake and not Henry Mancini. Check out this quartered batch of dough. Isn't that insanely fluffy?

It makes for a light, spongy cake.

I didn't substitute anything in this recipe except for the pineapple juice in the icing that I switched for milk. 'Cause, come on, pineapple juice? Not even.

I have nothing snarky to say about this cake. (I *will* link to that "Hatari!" clip again though.) If you like peanut butter (which, if you live in the States, I'm fairly certain that you do) I'd highly recommend making this.

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